Random Photo Purge and Family Weekend

Monday, we meet again.  I know it sounds so typical but why are Mondays so rough after a good weekend.  My mom and I spent the weekend visiting my sister and brother-in-law in Junction City, KS.  My brother in law Stephen is stationed at Fort Riley so we made the 2 hour drive there to help them decorate the new house they moved into and to shop for some new decor. I love spending other people’s money 🙂

I didn’t take a ton of pictures because I was too busy having fun so I thought I would do a little picture dump over the last week or so!

I got the Adidas Superstars for Valentine’s Day in the gold and I am obsessed…they almost look rose gold which makes me even more happy!


We added a couple more pieces to my sisters gallery wall.  I love the hanging “vase” on the right.  She bought succulents to go in it and I love the dimension it adds.


Out to breakfast at Cracker Barrel…their pancakes are so good!


They bought this rug while we were there, and I love it.  It looks like marble and is the perfect brown to go with anything!


My coworker and I went to a new sushi place, Blue Sushi, last week and they had some really different rolls.  Like vegan rolls that had pickles and onions or one that had cucumber, spicy mayo, tofu and smoked tomato paper.  I liked it a lot but if you want standard sushi rolls, I would suggest something else. I will go back for a girls night for sure!

We also had sushi while visiting Courtney and Stephen this weekend.  It was so good and they had some really fun rolls!  I am pretty basic and like rolls with cream cheese and avocado or cucumber in them but Stephen had some more exciting rolls…even when I don’t eat it, I think it is really pretty.

I really, really want these book ends from Z Gallerie!  I am loving gold and marble lately but I just haven’t bit the bullet yet.  Maybe next week 🙂


I found this black shirt at Target for $7 and forgot about it in my closet.  I was excited when I came across it this morning with the tag on it!


We upgraded to the iPhone 7 plus and switched to unlimited data yesterday.  I am sooo excited to be able to watch more shows at the gym and to listen to podcasts all the time while driving 🙂  Plus I am loving the camera on my new phone…the color and resolution seems so much better to me.  Or maybe I am just a sucker…either way I am happy.  I ordered this phone case and I have this rose gold pop socket!

Ok friends…it’s been a long Monday so I am off to bed after I finish my peppermint green tea.  Have an awesome Tuesday!britt-signature




Weekend Wrap Up and Shopping Finds

It is already Sunday evening and I am little bit depressed..partly because the weekend flew by and the other part is that the weather has been gorgeous so I don’t want to spend it inside tomorrow!  It’s normally freezing and usually snowing in February here in Kansas City.  The last 4 days has been in the 60s and low 70s and has been absolute perfection!  It feels like spring and it just makes you want to be outside.

Friday after work we headed to the Plaza for happy hour with some of Levi’s coworkers/friends, Joey and Shelley.  We all wanted to be outside so we found a patio to hang out on for a few hours.  Then some more of our friends , Andy and Margaret, met up with us and we spent the next couple of hours at another bar downtown.

Processed with VSCO with a5 preset

Processed with VSCO with a5 preset


Saturday morning I had plans to meet up with Lindsay for brunch, so I got up early to hit the gym.  I am training for a 5k that I am running with Levi, my brother and sister in-laws in May.  I started doing the couch to 5k program so I did my training run on the treadmill and then did some time on the stair climber.  Running doesn’t come easy for me so I have to work hard at it, but I always feel so good when it is done!



I also got a new pink marble phone case and rose gold Popsocket.  I am loving it and it is perfect for spring!


I rushed home to shower up before meeting Lindsay to go to the farmers market. We went to go see our favorite kombucha vendor, Tea-Biotics.  They are a local KC company and their flavors are sooo good.  I got elderberry, black cherry, cherry lime and turmeric lime!  They also have a mule mix kombucha that is delicious with vodka for a healthier Moscow Mule drink!  We then headed to Black Dog Coffeehouse for some breakfast.


I had their green tropical iced tea and cranberry almond bread with fresh almond butter and honey.  It was so fresh tasting!  I loved it!

I ran to the grocery store to get some items for dinner on Saturday night.  My parents and cousins were coming over for dinner and drinks.  It was so fun catching up and enjoying some awesome food and drinks on our deck.  I got caught up talking with everyone and didn’t get any pics…oops!

This morning we hung around the house for a bit before heading to the Legends to do some shopping.  It is an outdoor outlet shopping center so it was nice to be outside walking to the stores.  I bought a couple of items over the last couple of weeks and linked them below…all are on sale 🙂 Yay for Presidents Day sales!


Free People dress/shirt


Ann Taylor Leopard Chunk Heels



Now it’s time to finish up the rest of my laundry and to do a face mask! Have a good Monday loves!


New Gym Classes and Tips

It’s finally Friday eve!!  I am so ready for this weekend!


I just feel like this week is dragging by.  A couple of weeks ago I had a sinus infection and went to the doctor.  I thought the antibiotics had kicked it to the curb but I got sick again  and finally went back to the doctor.  She didn’t think my sinus infection went away and I had bronchitis so that’s fun! (eye roll emoji haha)  I am feeling way better and I am hoping I don’t get sick again this winter. I am doubling up on all my oils and Emergen-C packs!


Lately my gym has started offering some new classes and I have also been trying out classes I haven’t done before.  I thought I would tell you a little bit about them because I have been really enjoying them and I know one of the hardest parts about trying a new class is that you’re nervous you won’t know what you are doing.  At the end of the post I also included some tips for any class you may want to try!

Spin/Cycle Class (Indoor Cycling)


This class used to stress me out because it can be intimidating to set up the bike.  I started going to spin classes a couple of months back and I love it.  The bikes allow for adjustments to the seat, handle bars and even the pedals.  The first time I went, I got there about 10-15 minutes early and asked a woman next to me how I should adjust the bike and she was more than willing to help. If you don’t know how to set the bike, definitely ask the teach or someone in the class.  Adjusting the bike to fit you can make all the difference!  Once you have the bike figured out, it is a great class for all levels.  Some days you can push harder than others, and spin allows for you to do what feels best for you. You adjust the speed and resistance yourself…plus the music is always loud and it helps me tune out everything else!

Barre Class (Pilates, Ballet and Functional training)


I just started going to this class 3 weeks ago because they added in a new time in the morning and I am OBSESSED!  This class is super hard for me but I love it.  It involves a lot of leg, butt, and core work all while working on your balance.  You complete exercises with very small movements or pulses but you do them until exhaustion.  Everything is sore the next day even though we use minimal weight! There are lots of plie squats, glute lifts, and Pilates core work.  If you have the chance to try one of these classes, definitely do it!

Hot Vinyasa Yoga (Yoga in 90-105 Degrees)


I love hot yoga!!  It is one of my favorite work outs.  Unfortunately I don’t get to do it as often as I would like because of my schedule.  I always try to fit it in when possible though!  I think you do need to have a foundation of working out.  It can be intense depending on the teacher and the heat can make it seem even tougher.  I would take some regular yoga classes before trying hot yoga.  Also try not to eat heavy before the class and you have to HYDRATE, HYDRATE, HYDRATE!  Obviously you sweat a ton and if you’re not hydrated you can get light-headed or dizzy.  It is a hard workout but you feel awesome after it and I always notice a difference in my body when I go to it consistently.

Dance Jam/Zumba/Hip Hop Cardio (Dance Cardio)


My gym offers both dance jam and Zumba and both of these classes are a dance cardio class.  At my gym,  Zumba has a more latin flair and dance jam is more hip hop music, which is the class I go to every week.  Both classes are choreographed dance cardio and burn some serious calories. I know these type of classes can scare off people who think they can’t dance but that is not a reason to not go to these classes.  I have gone to all types of these classes over the years and while there are always people who know every move and line up front row in class, that is not how everyone is there.  I am uncoordinated and clumsy and I go all the time!  Even so, I love loud fun music and if I can burn off some wine calories by dancing around for an hour, I will take it.  Give yourself 3 classes before you give up on it because most instructors use the same dances several classes in a row before switching them out so you can start to learn moves.



Here are some tips for trying out any new work out or class!

  1. Research-Look up the class description on your gym’s website or do a Google search to get a better understanding of the class you are going to try.
  2. Arrive early-This is the most important tip! Show up early and either talk to others in the class or if that makes you uncomfortable, just observe what others are doing and what equipment they are setting out.
  3. Introduce yourself to the instructor- I have never had a class instructor not be excited to have a new person in class.  Most of the time they ask if anyone is new.
  4. Invite a friend- It is always easier to try something new when you have a friend with you!

And for the class masters…Say hi! If you are class regular and you can tell someone is new say hi!  It’s always nice to make everyone feel included and to help ease them into a class 🙂

Questions of the day:

Do you workout out at a gym or at home?

What’s your favorite gym class or workout DVD?

Checking In and Relaxing Weekends!

Hey there!!  I hope your weekend is going well so far.  Mine has been good other than the no sleep last night, thanks to restless dogs.  It rained off and on yesterday and all weekend for that matter so I think they have a touch of cabin fever.  They were up and down all night last for no reason which made it hard for me to sleep.  And on top of that, I stayed up reading my book too late.  It was so good though.  It’s called Don’t You Cry by Mary Kubica.

Image result for don't you cry mary kubica

I bought some OPI gel nail polish that I have been loving lately.  It is called Let’s Be Friends and is the perfect pinkish white.  I have gotten it the last two times I’ve been to the salon.


As for this weekend, I had a rough day at work on Friday so we laid low on Friday night which was nice!  Then Saturday, I went to lunch at Lidia’s with Lindsay for restaurant week.  It was sooo good.  They do a wine pairing with each course for an extra $10.  It was fun to try different wines and we made friends with the bartender so he took great care of us!

The meal started out with bread and flavored butter.  The grape butter and the sugar butter were my favorites.  Sounds random but they were so good that I want to try and make them myself.  I can’t find any recipes for them, so if I have a successful try, I’ll post it!

First course was a caesar salad with a sauvignon blanc.  The bread crisps were delicious and the homemade dressing was so flavorful.  And clearly I like drink options…water, wine and Diet Coke.  I have all the bases covered!


Second course was a trio pasta tasting with 3 different pastas.  It is all you can eat which is a great deal for the $15 restaurant week special.  My favorite one was the ravioli in the black pepper cream sauce.  I loved it!!  The red pasta was really good as well.  I didn’t eat much of the broccoli pasta one though because there was SO much broccoli and I don’t really like it.  It was cooked well and the garlic was good but I couldn’t get past the broccoli haha.  Good thing I was able to get a few more raviolis instead 🙂  The red was a blend the bartender recommended and it was my favorite by far!!


Dessert was a chocolate torte with maple cream.  It was so light and airy.  This is the perfect dessert because it was rich and delicious but the perfect size!  The prosecco was also great!


Saturday night I went to Lindsay’s and we watched Girl on the Train.  We both read the book and liked the movie but we both preferred the book 🙂  It was definitely worth renting though!  I snacked on one of these Island Way Sorbets while I was at her house.  It was amazing and only 60 calories.  I am going to get them next time I am at Costco!!

Today we took the dogs up to give them baths at Dirty Dawgs.  It is a self service dog wash and they have everything you need!  Neither of them like it but now they are so soft and smell amazing!


The rest of the day will be spent on the couch reading and catching up on the DVR with our cuddly pups.  Have an awesome Sunday night!!


Favorite Finds!

Hello, hello!  Wow it’s been 3 weeks since my last post.  The month just got away from me with all the holiday fun.  It was a really good month and we have one last hurrah this weekend for NYE but after that I am hoping life slows down a bit.  I plan on setting some goals and kicking 2017 off with a bang!

Today I thought I would talk about some of my favorite things lately.  I love reading other blogs and what they have been using so hopefully you see something you like too! Some are Christmas gifts I received and some are things I have bought on my own but either way I am LOVING them.



I bought this Hydroflask around Thanksgiving and I couldn’t be more obsessed.  It’s definitely a little more pricey for a water bottle but in my opinion it’s worth it.  A lot of insulated water bottles have stainless steel mouth pieces and I don’t always like it.  This one has a straw option lid and it is perfect!  It keeps ice all day and as long as the straw is closed it doesn’t leak.  Plus I think it is super cute and love the color!

Urban Decay Ultimate Ozone Multipurpose Primer Pencil


This stuff is great!  I use it for a primer for lipstick and it really does help with feathering and making lipstick last longer.  Plus when I am using matte lipstick the jojoba oil in it helps nourish your lips.  You can also use it for mascara mistakes or to be a primer for blemishes!  It does everything.

Nike Free RN Distance and Nike Free RN Flyknit 

(Both are currently on sale for under $100)

I bought some new Nikes with gift cards from Christmas.  I decided to buy the Nike Free RN Distance after trying them on in store and liking the feel of them.  They seem like they have good support and have more structure than the Flyknit.  I have a bad knee so I need some more support when I run.  I will let you know how I am feeling about them after I put them to more use.

I have a pair of the older Flyknits and I really like them for lifting or when I’m doing the stairclimber or elliptical.  They are a more of a “barefoot” feel to them.  I like to have a pair of shoes for running and a pair for other workouts so this is perfect.  Plus the colors in the show make me happy!

The Skinnytaste Cookbook


One of my goals for 2017 is to incorporate new meals and recipes into our day to day lives.  We get stuck in a rut and rotate through the same things over and over again.  I have tried a couple of her recipes from The Skinnytaste Blog and really liked them so I bit the bullet and bought her book.  I went through it after I got it and there are so many recipes I can’t wait to try!

Suede Mocassin Slippers-Target

slippersI put these slippers on my Christmas list because they looked so cozy online and they didn’t disappoint!  They are so soft and wrap your foot up in fluffy shearling.  I have had gray slippers for the past year and love it because they look cute with all my PJs.  They are currently on sale for under $20 and they have brown as well.  Go get some stat!!

It is time for bed because we have brunch plans and then a fun night out in Lawrence with some of our friends.  Be safe and have a Happy New Years!!!


Life Lately

Hey friends…happy Wednesday! How has your week been going?  Anything fun happening?  I feel like December is flying by and we are getting ready to start with the holiday parties.   I love it all but wish it would slow down so we could enjoy it a little longer  😉

I thought I would do a picture recap of what we have been up to the last week or so.  I always like seeing other bloggers picture dumps and getting a peak into their life…so here we go!

I am trying to switch it up a little with my workout routine so I went to a class at the gym called 50/50!  30 mins cardio and 30 minutes of weights….so tough!


We made spaghetti squash for dinner on Monday and it was really, really good! I actually made the spaghetti squash Sunday and then we heated it up in a skillet on Monday.  Nice and easy for a Monday!

Pomegranates are in season… so I got one this weekend and it was a little tangy but still sweet.  And I usually get a salad from Henhouse once or twice a week.  It is my absolute favorite salad bar…the more toppings the better!

Peppermint Bark from Williams Sonoma and Skinny Peppermint Mochas from Starbuck’s are perfect holiday treats.  We have been snacking on the Peppermint Bark at night after dinner.  It melts in your mouth.

I painted my nails Olive Green.  It is something different  but fun for Christmas.  I plan on doing a sparkly red next time!

Last week I went with my friend Kim to a bow making class.  It was actually a class to make bows for babies but I went to keep her company.  I ended up making bow ties for my dogs 🙂 And Kim’s bows (3 on the card) turned out really cute for her sweet little Mia.  Claude also made an appearance.  He was the host’s dog and too cute!!

We had our first snow today and while it wasn’t much I was super excited.  Our dogs like it as well so they enjoyed walking around in it all afternoon in the yard.  Now send some more snow our way for Christmas…please and thank you!


A few outfits from over the last few weeks.  Capes and sweaters are my go-to when it starts to get cold.  Nordstrom Rack and Target always have cute sweaters that are priced really well.  Also, I promise I wear more than gray, black and brown but for some reason that’s the only colors I have taken pictures in as of late.


How cute are the decorations at my gym?!  It always makes me smile when I am getting there for my early morning workouts and I am super tired.  The “Shake Your Snow Globe” mirror always makes me laugh.

I always have 2-3 different drinks on my desk at a time.  Today it was Starbucks, hot green tea and lemon water.   Plus I love drinking out of my Anthropologie tea cup…so cute!


These two kill me!! This is what I come down to in the mornings after getting ready.  They are like a little old married couple!


I think that’s it for now.  I am going to finish up dinner and I am starting a new book tonight.  It’s called “Into the Darkest Corner”.  Hopefully it is a good one!!

Getting into the Christmas Spirit!

Hello, hello!  It’s the 1st week of December and I could not be more excited.  The holiday season is my favorite time of the year.  I love the weather, holiday scents, treats and goodies, and being able to see my favorite people for parties and family celebrations. Honestly I start getting excited for Christmas before Halloween is over and usually once November 1st hits, I am ready to decorate my house for Christmas.


I still love Thanksgiving but I can eat my turkey while looking at a sparkling Christmas tree right?!  Anyway, now that it is socially acceptable to be excited for Christmas, I thought I would share a few ideas that can help you get into the Christmas Spirit!

Bake Christmas Cookies

Christmas goodies are one of the best things about the holiday season.  Usually my mom and I bake some sort of treat to give to family and friends.  This year we are making bread….lemon blueberry and cranberry orange.  They should be good!  I also love trying out new recipes so I am going to try out these two cookie recipes.

Hot Chocolate Cookies


I want to eat these with a cold glass of milk in front of the fire!

Christmas Peanut Butter Blossoms


The sprinkles and icing on these are adorable.  I feel like these would be super easy and kids would love them!

Look at Christmas Lights

Levi and I like to drive around one night and go to all the neighborhoods with the best lights.  Grab your favorite hot beverage from Starbucks and turn on Christmas music in the car.  It brings out your inner kid to get excited when you see a really good light display!  Plus it’s a cheap date night with good conversation.




Volunteer or Adopt a Family

The holiday season is a time of happiness and cheer but for many people out there it can bring stress and disappointment.  A lot of people aren’t able to provide for their families and can’t get their kids’ Christmas presents.  There are tons of charities out there that allow you to adopt families or kids and shop off their list.  You can also volunteer your time at Harvesters or a local shelter.  They always need people to help serve food and assist residents.

And don’t forget about all the sweet animals stuck in shelters as well.  I know a lot of shelters have their wish list on Amazon so you can have it shipped directly to them.  We usually adopt a child and also send some items to a local animal shelter.  It really does feel good to give, especially during the holidays.


Christmas Movie Marathon

One of my favorite ways to spend a cold Friday night is watching Christmas movies with a glass of red wine!  Have a date night in or invite your friends over for a Christmas movie pajama night. Here are some of my favorites and if you don’t have them you can usually DVR them!

How the Grinch Stole Christmas


Home Alone


National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation



Send out Christmas Cards

I love receiving Christmas cards from friends and family.  It is always so fun to see everyone with their cute children and pets.  We usually hang ours around the mantle as we receive them.  I love looking around at different sites to design our own cards.  This year we got ours from Simply To Impress.   You can usually get them on sale.  We bought ours during a Cyber Monday sale and they were really affordable.  Tiny Prints, Minted, and even Costco are other options as well for photo cards.  We are addressing ours this week and then I will share it on the blog!

christmas cheer.jpg

I hope some of these ideas help and that you are able to enjoy the holiday season as much as I do. I’m off to watch some Christmas movies on Hallmark so enjoy the rest of your Sunday night!


Essential Oils (And no I’m not selling them!)

Well hi friends! How’s it going?

Today I thought I would chat a little bit about essential oils, why I love them, and how I use them in my life.  I do not sell them, nor am I referring you to someone else who sells them 🙂 I buy them from Eden’s Garden.  There is no middle man or sales rep which is why I use them. Plus they have free shipping in the US and I usually get mine in 3 days!  I have found them to be of good quality and very reasonable on pricing.

First of all for those who don’t know, here is a brief description of essential oils:

es·sen·tial oil
plural noun: essential oils
  1. a natural oil typically obtained by distillation and having the characteristic fragrance of the plant or other source from which it is extracted.

There are so many different essential oils out there but here are a few of my favorite that I always have on hand!



Lavender is the oil I use the most.  It is a great oil for calming and helping you sleep.  I use it every night in my diffuser.  During the winter I mix Lavender and Fighting Five (below) together to help us sleep and to boost our immunity.  In the spring, I mix Lavender and Lemon Eucalyptus to help with allergies.  You can also put a drop or two on the back of your dog’s neck to help keep them calm when they are stressed.

Fighting Five


Fighting Five is a blend of oils known for helping boost your immune system.  It is said that thieves used to wear this so they could break into houses during the black plague and not get sick!  I seriously use this every night for 6 months out of the year to help keep us healthy.  I swear since starting to use oils it has drastically cut down on the amount of times we have gotten sick every year.  It’s a life saver!



I love the smell of peppermint oil.  It is so refreshing and clean.  We use peppermint oil for headaches and to help with stuffy noses.  It can also help with concentration and with studying.   If you have a headache you can mix peppermint oil with a carrier oil and put it on your forehead and under your nose.  Levi gets headaches and likes to use this oil for that and it really helps him.  He also loves the smell! You can put it behind your ear lobes and on your chest.  When you have a cold, putting it on your chest, will help open you up so you can breathe again!



Eucalyptus has a lot of different uses.  You can put a drop or two in the shower and it has a calming and spa like effect.  It is also a great anti-bacterial agent and can be used to make natural cleaning sprays.  I like to put in my diffuser and it cleanses the air and makes the room smell fresh.  You can mix it with lemon essential oil and it is a great natural bug spray.  I  want to try to make shower/bath bombs with it.  Life is super stressful so anything to make a shower a little more luxurious sounds good to me!

So now I’ve told you about my favorite oils I thought I would explain the two ways we use them most.




A diffuser uses water and essential oils to release a light mist into the air.  This is one of the easiest and fastest ways to use oils.  I fill it every night with water and a couple drops of each oil I want to diffuse and then click it on.  It runs for almost 8 hours every night!!  You can even buy different oils to use as air fresheners with health benefits like Orange, Lime, Grapefruit, or Cinnamon.

*You should not use heat with essential oils.  It will break down the compounds of the oil so don’t use them with the scent burners that they sell at the store.

Carrier Oils and Topical Use


Carrier oils are base oils that you use to help dilute essential oils so that you can apply them safely to your skin.  For instance if you don’t dilute peppermint oil before applying, it can have a stingy sensation.  Some oils are too strong to be handled on their own.  There are different carrier oils you can use depending on your preference but generally I like using coconut or jojoba oil.  They are reasonable priced as well and will last a really long time.  You can use a drop or two of you essential oil and several drops of a carrier oil and apply it to the bottom of your feet.  Your feet are the most absorbent part of you body and can help move the essential oil through your body.  You can also use them on your stomach or tight muscles depending on what issues you are having.


Eden’s Garden lists out all the ways to use each oil so I would definitely check them out! Obviously I am not a doctor so please make sure you do your own research on how to use essential oils best for you.  I think they are a great additional step to add to your health and  wellness routine so definitely worth your time to look into them.  If you have any questions, let me know.  I love talking about essential oils!!

Now it’s time to drink my tea and watch Fixer Upper with Levi.  Have a great night!!

Lazy weekends and family time!

Hey there!  How is your day going? How was your Thanksgiving?!  Mine has been great.  We drove home today from Winfield and have spent the day relaxing and watching Christmas movies.  I also ordered our Christmas cards!  Can’t wait for them to get here.  But let’s back up a few days and catch up!

Wednesday morning started out with a killer work out.  Always good to start out a long holiday weekend with a good workout.


Wednesday night we celebrated Thanksgiving with my family.  My mom, dad, sister, brother-in-law, and Levi headed to dinner at Q39.  It is a local BBQ restaurant.  With my family we generally go out to eat because my mom caters and she is usually burnt out on holiday food by the time Thanksgiving rolls around 🙂  So BBQ was on the menu!  We always laugh so much when we are together and it was a fun night!


Thursday morning we got up nice and early and packed up the car to head to Winfield.  We were packed to the brim!!  Ollie is so cute in her little Christmas sweater that Levi got her!


We got there around 12:15 and Thanksgiving dinner was served at 1.  Perfect timing! I didn’t get any pictures while I was there.  I was too busy chatting away the day with family.

Friday afternoon we took some pictures for Christmas cards.  Our friend Kiersten takes awesome pictures and she took a couple for us to use. She is awesome with light.  I used our favorite one for our Christmas card but here are some of the others.  The sunlight behind us is my favorite!!  Thanks so much girl!


I wore my favorite booties for the pictures and they are on sale right now for $77.  I love them!img_7411

I also loved the coziness of this off the shoulder sweater. So comfy and great for fall!img_7410

I am so very thankful for this loving and handsome man.  He makes me smile every day and I am lucky to call him mine!img_7409

Taking pictures with dogs is tough work…especially in the woods with new sights and smells!

After pictures we went to dinner at El Maguey with Levi’s dad and had some margaritas.  I love their food…but who doesn’t love Mexican food covered in cheese dip!


After dinner we headed out to our friends’ house (John and Kiersten) to hang out with Levi’s high school friends.  It is always a good time when we get together.  The guys all have so many inside jokes and stories and we don’t stop laughing the whole time.  We stayed out past our bed time and it was so worth it.  I was only able to snag one selfie at the end of the night!fullsizerender

Saturday was spent hanging out around the house and we even snuck in a little Burger Station for lunch.  It is a tiny hole in the wall but has the most amazing cheeseburgers.  I was in heaven.  Needless to say after this weekend, I need to clean up my eating and hit it hard in the gym this week!img_7407

Levi and I plan on doing a little clean eating challenge until 12/31.  Lots of veggies and protein on the menu with one treat meal a week.  It will be tough but worth it to start the new year out on the right foot.

I ordered a new planner on Plum Paper and added the fitness and blog bundles as well as extra stickers.  It arrived today and I am already obsessed with it!  It is perfect for setting goals and staying organized.  I got it in the brush lime color and they are having 30% off tomorrow for Cyber Monday!

Our long Thanksgiving weekend was fabulous and I enjoyed every minute of it.  It was the perfect mix of family time and relaxing.  Tomorrow it’s back to the daily routine but sometimes that’s nice too!  Have an awesome night!



Catching Up!

Hi guys!  How is your Tuesday treating you?  Today was busy and I worked late but it was productive so that’s good!

I thought today I would catch you up on the last week with some pictures!

Delicious dinner with my baked parmesan asparagus, rotisserie chicken breast, and half a baked potato.


I got some new decorations from Hobby Lobby last week while they were on sale.  I got the little trees and star candle holder.  Perfect for the holidays!


Still loving my Marc Fisher boots.  I am getting a lot of wear out of them!


Last week I shared my weight loss transformation on Instagram.  The left picture is from March and the right is 2 weeks ago (November).  There is a 20 lb difference!  I’m not done yet but progress is always motivating to see!


I got this cute BP knit scarf last week and I am so happy I bought it.  It goes with everything and is nice for a transition into fall!


I have gone to spin class the last two weekends and it has felt good to get back into it!  So hard but always happy I do it.


Ollie gets cold really easily so we bought her a sweater.  She really does love it!  When we pick it up, she runs over to have it put on.

Our dogs think we bought new accent chairs for them to sleep in them. #eyeroll   Good thing they are cute!


I made chili on the crock pot this weekend and it was perfect for dinner on Sunday and Monday!


Dinner tonight was basically a repeat but with honey BBQ chicken tenders!


We went on the Boulevard Brewery tour on Saturday with Levi’s mom and dad (Marsha and Greg).  It was fun to see the new additions to it…and free beer never hurt anyone either!e06cca06-299f-47df-92a1-de86c84e6280



I got a shirt on sale at Old Navy for $6 at one of their outlet stores and I love it.  It is super comfy and will go well with my puffer vest or some of my cardigans!


And to finish off the post, some words of wisdom!!


Have a fabulous night!

Question of the day:

Wine or beer?

  • Wine for me please!