Random Photo Purge and Family Weekend

Monday, we meet again. I know it sounds so typical but why are Mondays so rough after a good weekend. My mom and I spent the weekend visiting my sister and brother-in-law in Junction City, KS. My brother in law Stephen is stationed at Fort Riley so we made the 2 hour drive there to help them decorate the new house they moved into and to shop for some new decor. I love spending other people’s money 🙂

I didn’t take a ton of pictures because I was too busy having fun so I thought I would do a little picture dump over the last week or so!

I got the Adidas Superstars for Valentine’s Day in the gold and I am obsessed…they almost look rose gold which makes me even more happy!


We added a couple more pieces to my sisters gallery wall. I love the hanging “vase” on the right. She bought succulents to go in it and I love the dimension it adds.


Out to breakfast at Cracker Barrel…their pancakes are so good!


They bought this rug while we were there, and I love it. It looks like marble and is the perfect brown to go with anything!


My coworker and I went to a new sushi place, Blue Sushi, last week and they had some really different rolls. Like vegan rolls that had pickles and onions or one that had cucumber, spicy mayo, tofu and smoked tomato paper. I liked it a lot but if you want standard sushi rolls, I would suggest something else. I will go back for a girls night for sure!

We also had sushi while visiting Courtney and Stephen this weekend. It was so good and they had some really fun rolls! I am pretty basic and like rolls with cream cheese and avocado or cucumber in them but Stephen had some more exciting rolls…even when I don’t eat it, I think it is really pretty.

I really, really want these book ends from Z Gallerie! I am loving gold and marble lately but I just haven’t bit the bullet yet. Maybe next week 🙂


I found this black shirt at Target for $7 and forgot about it in my closet. I was excited when I came across it this morning with the tag on it!


We upgraded to the iPhone 7 plus and switched to unlimited data yesterday. I am sooo excited to be able to watch more shows at the gym and to listen to podcasts all the time while driving 🙂 Plus I am loving the camera on my new phone…the color and resolution seems so much better to me. Or maybe I am just a sucker…either way I am happy. I ordered this phone case and I have this rose gold pop socket!

Ok friends…it’s been a long Monday so I am off to bed after I finish my peppermint green tea. Have an awesome Tuesday!britt-signature

March 1, 2017
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