Healthy eats, new hair and recent buys!

Wow, oh wow! How has it been a month already? Life has been busy but mostly fun! Today is Levi’s 34th birthday!! Happy Birthday babe…34 never looked so good!


A couple of weeks ago, we went to a meal prep group class and everyone made one of the recipes for 10 people. It took about 2 hours and is definitely nice to have back up meals when you don’t have time to prep and cooks something!

Speaking of dinner options, this meal of turkey kielbasa sausage, peppers and onions is one of our favs! Just saute it on the stove with some seasonings for about 10-12 minutes and serve with a side and you are good to go.


And if you haven’t tried the almond milk cinnamon latte from Starbucks, do it! I sub the skinny syrup for it so it isn’t as sweet. Got to love the pup cups there as well…Wrigley and Ollie approved!


The tomato soup at the Nordstrom cafe is so damn delicious. I love it!


And the reason for this lunch was to buy this bag…it’s the perfect size and color. I am seriously obsessed and it was on major sale that day!! Win-win 🙂


Another obsession lately is Kombucha. I like to get it at the Farmer’s Market from a local shop but when I can’t make it there, I have been loving the Kevita ones. You can sometimes find them on sale too and buy several. The pineapple peach and the citrus are really good!


A couple weeks ago I went and had my hair lightened up and I love it!! Ready for some warmer weather 😁

This weekend we had Levi’s brother and sister, along with their significant others in town. We got to catch up and enjoy some good food and drink all weekend. It is always great seeing them!


My hip and my calf have been bothering me lately so I went to see my chiropractor. Definitely getting better…another session and I should be good as new. She does muscle work and did dry needling. I need to be better at foam rolling and stretching. This is a must for me…EVERYDAY!

IMG_0672Luckily even though the hard work has been a little tough on me, it is definitely paying off. I have lost 24 lbs but I have been stalled for about 6-7 weeks, so I am switching it up with my diet, and workouts. I felt leaner this week so that was good. Just gotta keep going!IMG_0751

We had my friend Sara’s bachelorette party in March. It was sooo fun and so good to be with my girls. Can’t wait for the wedding in May!

How pretty are the flowers lately! I found these tulips for $5 at Wal-Mart. They really brightened up the room. I need some more asap!


I am off to watch a few episodes of The Office and then heading to bed early. I hope your Monday is fabulous!!

April 2, 2017
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