Stress Relief Tips

Lately work has been super stressful for me. We have so much going on lately and I constantly put pressure on myself to succeed. I work for a small company so it can feel even more intense because I want the company to do well. It is is definitely a good problem to have but regardless, it’s still stressful!

stressI have been trying to incorporate more things that I love to balance out the stressful part of my life and I have added in some stress reliving techniques to help. Here are a few that work for me!


I know, I know. Everyone says this but it really does help me. However…I don’t think it is so much about my mind as it is about the physical benefits. I hold a lot of stress in my body because I can tense up. When I am stressed I catch myself trying to pop my neck and back more often. I even notice that I pop my fingers more often! So… I like yoga because it releases the tension and helps me to relax. And even if you don’t like regular yoga because you want a more intense workout, try hot yoga! It will kick your ass…all while stretching out your body and tightening that booty!


This is probably my favorite one on the list!! I used to be weirded out by massages…I mean having a stranger rub you down was something I was weary of. But I finally did it on vacation a few years ago, and I haven’t looked back. They can be a little pricy but you can always watch for specials or even Groupons (just read reviews!!!). If you are new to massage, start with a Swedish massage which is a little bit gentler but still firm. I am OBSESSED with deep tissue though. They work out the deep knots and it hurts so good!


Take A Walk

One of my favorite ways to de-stress is to go for a walk with my dogs. I love getting them some exercise and I swear the fresh air calms me down. Plus walking can release endorphins which can counteract the stress hormones your body releases. The other reason I like walking is because I love listening to podcasts while I am doing it…which leads me to my next tip!


Read or Listen to Something You Enjoy-Book, Magazine, Blog, Podcast, Music

One of the easiest ways to manage stress is to focus on something you love and to take your mind off it for a little bit. This will help you to unwind and when you come back to what is stressing you out, you may have a fresh perspective. I really like reading suspense/thriller books and listening to true crime podcasts. I know that sounds intense but they take my mind off anything that is stressing me out. They are really interesting and I get sucked in into them. So find something that you enjoy reading or listening to and take 20 -30 minutes a day to indulge in it. My favorite podcasts are Criminal and Up and Vanished, and a couple of my favorite books are in this blog post!

Essential Oils

I do not think essential oils can cure everything under the sun but I do think they have their place in your wellness journey. I think they are great for helping with sleep, elevating your mood, and treating some aches and pains. I can’t get enough eucalyptus and lavender oils. The combination of those two always smells so good and is so calming. Lemon and grapefruit are great as well! Put it your wrists with a carrier oil, add it to a diffuser or sprinkle some on your pillow. If nothing else, your house will smell amazing!


Hopefully some of these will help you! What are your favorites ways to handle stress?

April 16, 2017
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