Sipping on Apple Cider Vinegar!

Apple cider vinegar was one of the first habits I introduced into my life when I wanted to start being healthier.  I heard all the great things it could do for you and figured adding it in everyday would be a simple and easy habit to help me in my fitness journey.

There are a ton of benefits to drinking apple cider vinegar…here are a few!

  • Anti-glycemic- it can help with blood sugar and diabetes.
  • Acetic acid helps with bloating and water retention (I notice this the most!)
  • Can help with indigestion
  • Acetic acid in ACV can prevent germ growth and has potassium so it can thin mucus and help if you are sick.
  • It has natural probiotics and enzymes in it that help with gut health!

You can read about more benefits here and here!

**Make sure you get apple cider vinegar that has “with the mother” on the label.  It has the healthy mother bacteria strain in it which is key!! It looks gross floating around but give the bottle a little swirl and you won’t even notice.**

The very first day I tried ACV, I took an actual shot glass, filled it with apple cider vinegar and took it like Jager bomb-blech!!!  It burned so bad haha.  #amateurhour  Turns out you can reap the benefits with 3-4 teaspoons.

Since then, I have found some tips and products that help me take it and to get in my daily dose.  The first and easiest tip is to pour your apple cider vinegar into another drink, like lemon water or some juice.  With enough water, your barely know it’s there!

The way I actually do it is to take a sip of water or juice, take the ACV, and then chase it with more water.  We usually have tea or natural crystal light made in the fridge so I will use that too.  I know some people mix theirs with pineapple or grapefruit juice and it seems like it would hide it well.  Try some different techniques out and see what works best for you!

The other way to drink ACV, is to buy a vinegar drink.  These are super convenient and way easier to drink than taking it alone.  You can find different ones at Sprouts, Whole Foods or even Target.  I like the Suja and Live brand versions.

I am off to sip on my Suja vinegar drink before we head out for the evening!  Try it out and let me know you think or if you have any tips on how you enjoy it!!




April 29, 2017
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