Cali Vacation Pt 2 and Semi-Celebrities!!

I am finally getting around to part two of our California vacation.  If you missed it, you can read part 1 here!

Friday morning we woke up and decided to go for a run around Venice Beach.  It was a gloomy day but it was still bustling with other runners and tourists.

Art and graffiti were everywhere.

               Muscle Beach-it is so worn down!

Stay weird Venice!

After our run, we went to Intelligentsia and had coffee, tea and donuts.  The raspberry popover was fabulous!  I loved it.  We also got a cookie dough filled donut…just as good as you would think!

Popovers and donuts

We went home and got ready to spend the day in Venice.  For lunch, we went to a brewery called Firestone Walker. They had these amazing homemade tater tots!

Homemade tatertots

After that we headed down to Abbot Kinney Street for the the rest of the day.  They have a First Fridays event kind of like we do in Kansas City: food trucks, art, drink specials…all the good stuff.  It was really fun.  We popped into some boutiques and bar hopped our way down the street!

Just do it 🙂

do epic shit

I loved this!

dog art

This was huge…it was the size of the store building.

monkey art

Just taking selfies while Levi shops!
dress selfie

We had dinner at a fun gourmet pizza place called Gjelina. Levi was super excited to try it because he watches a Netflix show based in Venice and saw it on there.  The pizza we ordered had goat cheese, onion and chicken on it.  I am OBSESSED with goat cheese…day made!

The food in Venice and LA was amazing…it all tasted so fresh!

Abbott Kinney St was super fun so if you ever end up in the area check it out.

Saturday was our last day and we wanted to jam pack as much into it as possible.  We woke up early and went to Runyon Canyon for a hike.  It was raining but we made the trek up there so we toughed it out.  The views were still spectacular and we got about 30-35 minutes of hiking in any way!  I didn’t get to see any Kardashians though haha!

Runyon Canyone

Runyun Canyon

After we cleaned up, we headed to Warner Brothers Studios for a tour.  This is definitely touristy but we loved it.  You learn so much about how they make movies and get to “peek behind the curtain” of some of the secrets.  We got to go on the Big Bang Theory set and then the Central Perk set of Friends.  So fun!!  It all looks smaller than you think but they saw certain angles are used to make it look larger.

Friends Central Perk

Set up stage of La La Land

Lala Land

After that we decided to head to Lisa Vanderpump’s dog rescue and boutique store.  For those of you who don’t know who she is, she is on a Bravo Reality TV Show called Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.  I love the show and that was one of the reasons we went to SUR and PUMP.  She owns those restaurants too.  So needless to say I was bummed when I didn’t see her on Thursday night.

I told Levi I wanted to go to her dog rescue so that we could pick up some treats for the dogs as souvenirs… yes, I am that person! We were in the store and I turned around and coming from upstairs was LISA AND KEN!!  I thought I was imagining it and did a double take.  I finally got the guts to go up an ask for a picture with her.

I mean, you guys….LISA VANDERPUMP!!

Lisa Vanderpump

She was so nice and funny in person.  And she is GORGEOUS!  She had the cutest high-heeled boots, amazing eyelashes, her standard lipstick.  She was everything I hoped for and more.  I was so thankful Levi was there because I lost my words for minute and Levi kept the convo going.  The trip was already amazing and this was the cherry on the top!!!


Next we decided to drive around and see some of the sights.  We went down to Beverly Hills and drove down Rodeo Drive.  It was a mad house!

Rode Drive

We  found the houses on the Modern Family show!  They are in the cutest neighborhoods!

Mitch and Cam’s House

Mitch and Cam Modern Family

Phil and Claire’s House

Phil and Claire's House

Then we headed to the Santa Monica Pier and rode some of the rides.  I love amusement parks and ride so this made me sooo happy!  It was insanely windy, busy and cold and Levi put up with it all so thanks babe 🙂

Roller coaster santa monica

We went to a dinner at a Mexican restaurant in Venice and had some margaritas to end our trip.  I don’t remember the name and didn’t get any pictures!

We flew back early on Sunday and had a lazy day on the couch when we got home.  This trip was one of the best vacations we have ever taken.  I love traveling with Levi and getting to experience different parts of the world with him.  It is one of my favorite things and I can’t wait to plan our next trip!!

Where should we go??

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